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The mornings are so soothing for me.  It’s like a small chance to start over.  That’s when I write.  In the peaceful, untainted morning.

“A broken heart is an open heart.” “I’ll Give You the Sun” -Jandy Nelson.

This has been such an apparent topic recently.  Social media has gained such momentum in our culture, we have started to idolize it, in a way.  Everyone has something to say about how society is negatively affected by our obsession with social media, but we don’t want to do anything about it.

It’s hard to be vulnerable.  It’s hard to say you’re hurting.  It’s even harder to hurt despite abundant blessings.  Reason being, not only will others deem you ungrateful and selfish, but many won’t understand.  I, personally, worry about those who “have it all” the most.

Relative deprivation is a real thing.  The woman with 100k followers can be insecure about the girl with 300k who has better endorsements.  The same idea goes for the student who may be insecure about the girl in her class with the fancier trapper keeper.  It all depends on one’s environment.  They could feel same depth of inadequacy.  It all depends on our own little world and what we have in it.

That’s the scary thing about social media.  Our own little world has now been magnified to worldly dimensions.  We are now comparing ourselves to people we will never even meet.  My world used to be my friends, my family and my area code.  My plain clothes and my old school R&B.  We are now exposed to ideals we never even knew existed simply because we see them.  And now that we see them, we desire them because they get attention.  They may have always existed, but we didn’t SEE them.  We were oblivious.  And that’s one time where oblivion is bliss.

I want this blog to be a platform for those who hurt.  Whatever your circumstances may be.  You can share, or you can just read.  Life is hard.  Insecurity is hard.  Measuring up is HARD.  Just a relative deprivation exists, so does success.  So does relative perfection.  The girl who may have not “added up” for someone will be EVERYTHING for someone else.  Those little imperfections will be what sets you apart in the most perfect way.  But that will never be recognized if we compare ourselves to ideals created by momentum and chance.  And trust me, I’m the worst offender.

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