Abbey Hilton, CSCS, NASM: Abbey is a certified personal trainer in the South Florida area who uses her wide areas of expertise to construct the perfect workout for her clients. With knowledge in both athletic training and functional training for the general population, Abbey helps one find their inner athlete while achieving their aesthetic goals as well.

"Clients are not in an assembly line where everyone gets the same program. To expect the same results with different physiologies is absurd. Clients need time, personal attention and detail when it comes to constructing a program. I appreciate quality rather than quantity, and I make myself accessible to each and every one of my clients outside of the gym. How can one continue these healthy habits without some kind of motivation and structure beyond their session?"

Online programming is also a service that Abbey offers. Whether you are out of the area or prefer a less personal form of direction, written programs or weekly online meetings are an affordable option to consider. Refer to the services tab for more information on the variety of services to choose from.